Yae! Organics on StartEngine | Deal Review

May 3, 2021 1 min read
Yae! Organics
Fuss Free Juicing

Yae! Organics Campaign's Highlights

Yae! Organics provides functional supplements and snacks derived from high quality fruits and vegetables, helping you meet your daily quotient of fruits and vegetables easily. We are changing the narrative of “fast-food” with healthy, all-natural, nutrient-dense foods that can be grabbed on-the-go, saving you time, money, and reducing waste.

Below a few highlights from the company's StartEngine campaign:

  • Yae! Organics boasts over $500K in lifetime sales, with a 258% growth from 2019 to 2020 alone.
  • The healthy eating, snack bar, nutrition sector is projected to reach $722.49 billion by 2027 and the global nutraceutical market was valued at $382.51 billion in 2019, with an expected growth of 8.3% CAGR.
  • We have over 15,000 loyal customers and have expanded distribution partnerships with Walmart Marketplace, Burlington, and Grocery Outlet, and we're in discussions with Little Big Brands to work with us on Brand Management.

Did I Invest In Yae! Organics?

I’m still in the process of writing a full deal report and decide whether or not I will invest in Yae! Organics. I review 100+ pitches on 10+ platforms every month and send a detailed report every Saturday to subscribers of the Angel Notes newsletter (you can join through the form below). See you soon!

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