Trusardi Game Studios on WeFunder | Deal Memo

Jun 5, 2021 2 min read
Invest in Trusardi Game Studios: Play our games, earn crypto and grow revenue sharing NFTs. | Wefunder
Play our games, earn crypto and grow revenue sharing NFTs.

Company Overview

Game Studios aims to to turn video gaming into average income within 5 to 10 years, matching gamers with a job token and letting them earn crypto while they play. Robert Trusardi, the company's CEO and Founder, is the creator of the game Immortal Souls: Dark Crusade that has over 4 million plays and an 85% user rating.

Game studios' platform is being prepared for third party integration and the company's goal is that one day all video games use its job token. Their revenue streams include sales of seed packages, skins, NFTS, rev sharing from job tokens, and residuals on trades of NFTs.

Deal Terms

  • Security: SAFE
  • Valuation Cap: $1,800,000
  • Min. Investment: $100

(Data as of June 2021.)

Trusardi Game Studios: WeFunder Campaign Highlights

1) Gamers earn crypto while playing our games.

2) Job tokens connect gamers with revenue sharing and NFT monetization.

3) First party game being developed by AAA team.

4) Our multiplayer game is in the highly popular and replayable team arena genre.

5) Our marketplace connects traders with crypto and virtual property.

6) Company revenue comes from virtual item sales, revenue share of NFT trades and crypto earnings.

7) Cross-platform and metaverse integrated SDKs for third party developers.

8) Our patent-pending technology will lead the world in video-game based income.

Did I Invest In Trusardi Game Studios?

I’m still in the process of writing a full deal report and decide whether or not I will invest in Trusardi Game Studios on WeFunder. At Angel Notes, I review 100+ pitches on 10+ platforms every month and send a detailed report every Saturday to subscribers of the Angel Notes newsletter (you can join through the form below). See you soon!

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