Here is my talk with Elemeno's founder

Sep 1, 2021 2 min read

Last week I spent more than an hour speaking with Elemeno's founder, Arup.

We talk about the company, future growth, risks, competitive landscape, economic moat, and much more.

But what interested me the most was hearing Arup's story and personal mission.

He was 4-year old when his sister was born with congenital heart disease.

Nowadays, that's routine. But at the time, it wasn't.

She had been treated through the years, but when Arup was just an 8-year old child, she was taken to the operating room at Children's Hospital Los Angeles for what was to be her final surgery.

Tragically, she died in that operating room.

She died from a medical error, an error that could have been avoided.

And that was the driver that took Arup to a career in Medicine.

So why does all of that matter?

You know, working at a startup is not like working for a large, established corporation.

There are so many ups and downs that sometimes all you want is just give up.

And if you are doing that just for the money, or the fame, the recognition, you're not going to last for long.

That's why it is so important that the founder's personal vision and mission align with the ones of the business he is working on.

That's why Arup is going to be a great leader for Elemeno.

You can listen to the recording of our talk on the podcast website here.

As always, I'm going back to work for you!

Talking to you soon,


P.S. In the last few days, I've also spent something like 8 hours talking with Vitaly, Linen's founder, as I'm helping them to put together their marketing plan and team. You can't imagine what a visionary he is. Talking with him was like having a picture of the next decade in Web3, blockchain, and DeFi. Yet, at the same time, he's also so practical and focused when it comes to craft a strategy and executing. I couldn't be more proud of supporting him and all the founders we've invested in.

P.P.S. As anticipated in a previous email, I've also started working on the due diligence for our next investment. I've already written more than 2000+ words of the report, but I'm waiting for more data from the founder to better compare them with the industry. Can't wait to share it with you. Talking soon!

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