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Jun 4, 2021 2 min read
Invest in Mount: Electric scooters launched at Airbnb properties | Wefunder
Electric scooters launched at Airbnb properties

Company Overview

Problem Addressed: Chaos ensued when Bird and Lime launched electric scooters and bikes by the thousands–tourists being their biggest customer base taking trips Friday through Sunday. Now what they don’t tell you is that these scooters aren’t profitable. Indeed, 90% of the revenue generated from a ride goes to paying warehouse rent, government regulations, gig-economy employees, and charging infrastructure.

The Product: Micromobility needs private property to launch on and can put their scooter directly in front of the tourist. The property also becomes a home for the scooter where rides start and end. This makes sure the company's scooters don't end up in random places and also allows Mount to cut out a ton of operational costs. The host gains a new revenue stream and can increase bookings by offering a new amenity.

Deal Terms

  • Security: SAFE
  • Valuation Cap: $5,500,000
  • Min. Investment: $100

(Data as of June 2021.)

Mount Scooters: WeFunder Campaign Highlights

  • $1.5m+ in potential revenue from purchase requests and pre-orders.
  • Waitlist of over 120 properties and 500 scooters - too much demand to keep up with.
  • Live in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Denver, and Miami.
  • Micro-Hospitality growth is SURGING, being the best-performing travel segment in pandemic.
  • Eco-friendly lightweight electric vehicles that can be 3x more profitable than a large fleet.
  • Madison (CEO) was named to the Colorado 2020 Inno 25 under 25 entrepreneurs list.

Did I Invest In Mount?

I’m still in the process of writing a full deal report and decide whether or not I will invest in Mount on WeFunder. At Angel Notes, I review 100+ pitches on 10+ platforms every month and send a detailed report every Saturday to subscribers of the Angel Notes newsletter (you can join through the form below). See you soon!

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