I'm investing in PlaceCPM: Here is the report

Jun 3, 2021 1 min read

I've finally come to a definitive investment decision on Place Technology. After analyzing the market, the competitive landscape, talking with the team, seeing what their customers say, and much more, I decided to invest in the company. You can read the full investment report here.

What you will find in the report:

  • What is Salesforce: Before diving into the analysis, I've included a brief overview of what Salesforce is and why it is a great ecosystem to invest in.
  • What is PlaceCPM: What exactly is PlaceCPM? What's the problem the company solves?
  • Product Market Fit: What's the product? Did Place Technology build something that customers want? Are they willing to pay for it? How good is customer retention? If they didn't already find a product-market fit, how likely is it that they will find it?
  • Market Analysis: Is the market big enough? Is it a stable/growing market? Could we make a significant return if everything goes smoothly?
  • Business Model: How does Place Technology make money? Is the business model sustainable and scalable in the long term?
  • Competitive Advantage & Economic Moat: Has the company an unfair advantage? How does it differ from its competitors? Can the company build a sustainable economic moat? Is there anything preventing other startups from competing in the same market?
  • Financials, Debt & Liquidity: Will the company have a sufficient runway after this raise? Or will it run out of business in a few months? Has the company a healthy balance sheet? Will it fail because of too much debt?
  • The Team: Does the team have industry-relevant experience? Skin in the game? Management Experience? Can we trust them?
  • Valuation & Exit Strategy: Is the valuation reasonable? What is the valuation at which VCs have invested in Place? Will we have our money back? How are we going to get a return on the investment?
  • Conclusion: Did I invest in Place Technology? Does the company meet our 10 investment criteria?

I hope you enjoyed the reading.
As always, see you this Saturday!

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