Franny's Manufacturing on StartEngine | Deal Review

May 3, 2021 1 min read
Franny’s Manufacturing
Seed to Shelf, Hemp and Health- CBD

Franny's Manufacturing Campaign's Highlights

Simply stated Franny's Manufacturing is producing some of the best quality products in the industry. We're offering customers a quality product at an affordable price. By controlling every step of the process from seed to shelf, we ensure that every customer enjoys a safe, natural, self-regulated CBD experience.

Below a few highlights from the company's StartEngine campaign:

  • We've experienced a significant amount of growth in the past 10 months with a process that ensures a consistent, high quality product due to vertical integration in every step of the process.
  • Our Manufacturing Facility has developed and mastered recipes and manufacturing systems for over 50 Franny's branded products.
  • From the founders who successfuly raised $535k with two prior fully oversubscribed Reg CF raises.

Did I Invest In Franny's Manufacturing?

I’m still in the process of writing a full deal report and decide whether or not I will invest in Franny's Manufacturing. I review 100+ pitches on 10+ platforms every month and send a detailed report every Saturday to subscribers of the Angel Notes newsletter (you can join through the form below). See you soon!

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