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Equity crowdfunding platforms can be an incredible source of promising opportunities:

Funded on Wefunder at a $10M valuation

Raised $175M at a $2.2B valuation

Funded on CrowdCube at a $30M post-money valuation

Raised $113M from YC at a $1.9B valuation

Funded on Wefunder at a $9M valuation

Raised $500M at a $4.5B valuation

But there is a problem.

More than 600+ startups raise funds on 10+ different crowdfunding platforms every single month.

This is why 150+ angel investors rely on Angel Notes.

Every month, I screen equity crowdfunding platforms like WeFunder, StartEngine, and Republic to find the most promising deals. It takes me hundreds of hours of work. So you can:

• Ignore equity crowdfunding platforms and miss some great opportunities.
Spend hundreds of hours of work every month to review 200+ pitches on 10+ platforms.
• Let me do it for you exactly as you would it yourself.

What Makes A Great Deal?

I'm sure you agree with me about the investment criteria I follow to select the best deals at Angel Notes:

1. Product Market Fit

This is by far the most common reason that led thousands of companies to failure. If you can't find a product that the market wants and that it is willing to pay for, there is no way to become a great company.

2. Big Market

It doesn't matter how good is the idea. There is still a 90% chance of failure. That's why we only invest if it is worth it. Can we make a 100x return if everything goes smoothly? If not, we're going to pass.

3. Growing Market

A declining market means depressed valuations and poor long-term results. That's why I always analyze how external factors (political, economic, social, technological) will impact the market.

4. Scalable Business Model

Most of us don’t have three or four decades to build our fortunes. We want to do it in five to ten years, which I think is a reasonable window if you [...] do what I tell you. If you compare businesses made from atoms (like Starbucks and McDonald’s) to businesses made from bits (software), there is no comparison. In order for Starbucks to reach a billion customers, they needed to open tens of thousands of stores, which on average serve five hundred to seven hundred cups a day, according to reports. Starbucks was founded in 1971. Facebook launched Messenger in 2011 and reached one billion customers in 2016.

Jason Calacanis, Angel (2017)

5. Healthy Balance Sheet

We don't invest in companies that use our money to pay back debt. We want them to hire new talents, expand in new markets, and grow fast. You can't do that without a healthy balance sheet!

6. Competitive Advantage

What makes the company different from the hundreds of startups out there? What's its unfair advantage?

7. Economic Moat

What prevents other startups from competing in the same market? We only invest in companies that can build a sustainable economic moat to justify a high valuation from a future acquirer.

8. Liquidity

Will the company have a sufficient runway after the raise? Or will it run out of business in a few months? We don't want our ownership to get diluted because the company is burning cash like crazy!

9. The Team

Can we trust the team? What's their unfair advantage? Do they have some industry-relevant experience? Management experience? Startups are usually made up of a few people and there's nothing more impactful than a great team.

10. The Valuation

It doesn't matter how cool the company is. If we can't justify a crazy valuation, we're going to pass.

It's not easy. But it is the only way.

Research, research, research. This is the only way to reduce risk and increase the chance of picking the next $1 billion company.

Let me help.

Every month, I screen equity crowdfunding platforms like WeFunder, StartEngine, and Republic, to find the most promising startup that meets all my 10 investment criteria. It takes me hundreds of hours of work to find it. But you can access all my research and give a boost to your deal flow.

What Our Members Say

"I have been a mentor, and investor since selling my business in 2008. I have found Manuel to be extraordinarily intuitive and capable. He seems to be mature beyond his years and has shown me that his writing, due diligence, and analytic skills are as sophisticated as many who I have worked with in the past specifically in the realm of new and emerging companies."

Richard Grossberg

Angel Investor, founder of Archadeck now Outdoor Living Brands.

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